Schedule / Speakers


Saturday, September 15th 2018

9:30 AM Registration opens
10 AM Welcome & Keynote
11 AM 1st Breakout Sessions:
STEM Community Resources Overview
Self Care Steps To Better Sleep
by UNM Student Health and Counseling
Successfully Engaging the Public with Science:
by Explora
12 PM  (Lunch) Lunch will not be served.  Please enjoy the SUB food court or make other arrangements for your own lunch.
1 PM 2nd Breakout Sessions:
Blending Mathematics and Community Knowledges and Practices
by Dr. Carlos Lopez Leiva, COE LLSS
STEM State Standards and the New Mexico Science Teachers Association
by Dr. Cecilia Hernandez, NMSTA
Strategies for Being a STEM Mentor or Tutor
by Tara Hackel, MA
2 PM 3rd Breakout Sessions:
CORN POLLEN Model for Leadership, Wellness, and Healing
by Dr. Shawn Secatero, COE LEAD
Dropping in to, and Reaching Out with Paleontology: Research Participation for Students with Limited Science Backgrounds
by Dr. Jason Moore, Honors College
MBA in Education Leadership: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Solving School Leadership
by UNM Anderson School of Management
Go Be Awesome: Science Theater, Education, & Inspiration for Young Minds
by Melissa Ober, Science Girl’s Lab
3 PM Community Discussion Panel
Closing Thoughts

In addition, a gallery with STEM classroom displays and hands-on activities will be open throughout the event.


The University of New Mexico
SUB 3rd Floor, Lobo A&B, Spirit, Alumni, and Thunderbird